A Few Smartarse Comments About Several Politicians

Hey Palin, girls “dressed up” in their mama’s “steppin’ out” shoes shouldn’t be pontificating about “pussyfooting.”

What do the synapses in Palin’s brain and a nearly spent fluorescent tube have in common? They both go like this: flicker…..flicker, flicker…….hummmmm, flicker…….buzzzzzz, flicker……….buzzzzz, crackle, flicker…….flicker……flicker, flicker……hummmm…..crackle…….darkness.

Michele Bachmann is looking to get anointed. Quick, get the oil can. I think the Tin-foil Hat Man had it last. Folks, we may be closer to Kansas than you realize.

Anointed (Bachmann 2011), appointed (Bush 2000). GOPers have some strange ideas about how America’s election system is supposed to work.

Last time a GOPer claimed that God wanted him to run for President, the Supreme Court gifted him the election and America got years of lying, pilfering, torture, Alberto Gonzales, dirty politics, war and war-profiteering topped off with a major economic crisis. Either God doesn’t like us very much, or folks claiming to hear God’s voice are communicating with someone/something other than the Almighty. Perhaps we’d better require visual, real-time confirmation of a burning bush as proof of divine intervention. As Reagan said, trust but verify. So…… if Palin or another Christian soldier plows through a door at, or parachutes into, the 2012 Republican National Convention with a talking, combusting shrub that has no connection to the Koch Brothers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the WTO, the IMF, Wall Street, the Republican Party, C Street, the Tea Party, the Anarchists, Wackenhut or whatever they’ve rebranded themselves, Blackwater/Xe, AIP, Christian Identity, Christian Nationalism, the Likkud Party, and a host of other folks with much lower profiles, then we’ll all know that the End Times are really, really on.

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I have too many questions and too few answers.
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