Some More Smartarse Comments About Several Politicians

Newt’s recent press release may indicate that he’s more interested in becoming Poet Laureate than President. Although it doesn’t attain the heights of grandiosity of Gingrich’s “tome” or John Lithgow’s performance of the “epic” essay on The Colbert Report (May 19, 2011), I’ve got my own little poem for Sir Gingrich of Toady:

There once was a man called Newt
Who wanted to cull lots of loot,
Republicans he courted
And first they supported
But for Ryan they gave him the boot.

Sarah Palin recently said that she had “that fire in my belly” to make a bid for the 2012 Republican nomination. When contemplating the prospect of Mrs. Palin attaining the White House, most Americans call that sensation acid indigestion.

I know Karl Rove encourages Republicans to create their own reality, but when a politician tells you that something he actually said if used in ads against him is a false statement (as per Newt Gingrich on last week’s Meet the Press interview), or that a statement made on the floor of the Senate is not intended to be factual (as per John Kyl’s pronouncement on abortions and Planned Parenthood), then you just have to ask: When does their reality become a delusion? And do I really we want to live in that delusion? If you don’t have answers to those questions, go ask Alice… I think she’ll know. (Hat tip to dustasdu)



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I have too many questions and too few answers.
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