PeeWee Palin in a Pickle

Piper Palin pushed a pack of pesky pressers;
A pack of pesky pressers Piper Palin pushed;
If Piper Palin pushed a pack of pesky pressers,
Where’s the pack of pesky pressers Piper Palin pushed?

I usually steer clear of including the younger-than-voting-age Palin children in my commentary because I feel sorry for them. Being caught betwixt the klieg lights of their mother’s boundless ego and her penchant for shenanigans, the darker, less illuminated corners of their family’s life and agenda, AND our sorry-assed press corps’ addiction to celebrity, trivia, spectacle and nonsense must be difficult at minimum. To me, that brew smells like crazy stew. But this rhyme and commentary are not criticism of a Palin child, but of both the media on which the youngest Palin daughter recently released her obvious frustration and the “adults” in Piper Palin’s life who continue to put this poor child in tiresome, trivial and patience-testing situations. Plus, this latest morality play soap opera reality show episode gives the Palins an opportunity to build images and messages, gives the media yet another reason to blather on about this spectacle and gives me an opportunity to expose all their antics AND take a swipe at Paul LePage and the Republicans “jobs” and “security” agendas. Who could pass that up? Besides, there’s so much giving it must be good, eh? So I’m going to bend the rules a little. Hey, it’s what Sarah would do — IWSWD!

Poor little peewee, Piper Palin has been carted along on her mother’s photo-ops and electioneering since she was a tot. Whether this one-on-one grooming will render forth Sarah 2.0 is yet to be known. But I’m beginning to see why Piper Palin got the nickname “Human Shield” during the period of recent history in which her mother, Sarah Palin, was acting the part of the “governor” of Alaska.

Too bad DropZone Bill is on the lam since the Schaeffer Cox arrest. Piper could get a job with DropZone Security and have way more fun than it appears she’s having on this “vacation.” Or if not more fun, at least she’d be getting paid … which would both make and do her mother proud. It’s likely that SarahPAC can provide security services for their spokesmodel and Mrs. Palin has a history of preferring family members as her security detail. Maine’s governor Paul LePage might see Piper’s novel employment situation as a pilot project for integrating youth into the privatized prison/security industry because the Republicans are all about jobs and favorable to “for profit” laws and prisons. And I bet Mrs. Palin’s favorite failed Senatorial candidate, Joe Miller, is proud as punch of the pint-sized pusher PeeWee Palin. I wouldn’t be surprised to see martial arts training in that child’s future. Hopefully, it will be enjoyable for her. And it can teach discipline. Who knows. She could find her Yoda. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. PeeWee Goes Rogue. The karma is delicious, but like all “just desserts,” it is also painful.

Piper Palin … she’s one more actor in the Palinpalooza Traveling Road Show and Political Action Circus. Poor little PeeWee©®.



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2 Responses to PeeWee Palin in a Pickle

  1. susan says:

    Your posts about politics and politicians definitely pass my test for being amusing as well as informative. I just wish they’d stop having pictures of that woman (whose name I refuse to repeat) all over the internets.

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