How do you make a Siren with America on the Rocks?

I don’t know. I’m not a bartender or mixologist. But in Thursday’s post (but not until the following Monday) I gave the name “Siren with America on the Rocks” to a cocktail in an homage to Sarah Palin. I’ve described it as being “loud and proud.” How would you make a Siren with America on the Rocks inspired by Sarah Palin?

Leave me your recipe. I’ll post all non-crazy and not-spam-induced replies. Who knows. There could be prizes … probably jokes. Most likely drinking. Funny LITTLE stories or rhymes could be fun. Maybe there will be a little digital recipe and joke book. Maybe just drinking at first.

The photo of the The World’s Largest Booze Bottle I had here has gone missing. Too bad. It was kind of amusing. Sorry for any inapproprite use. Anyway, here’s the scoop on that roadside attraction:  It’s a water tower in Louisville, Kentucky made up to look like The World’s Largest Bottle of Booze. Cheers! … or maybe considering context: Bottoms Up!



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