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Hang on, we’re popping about the globe on this one. As my internetz friend CR says, this thing has more links than Jimmy Dean.

Debt Ceiling Raised, Sky Doesn’t Fall?

Graphic at photobucket by commando

The Showdown at the Debt Ceiling Corral took the spotlight off Mr. Murdoch for a bit, now didn’t it? Though once again, America has disappointed Murdoch’s creature, the wibbly-wobbly Queen of the Tea Party by not defaulting on the debt obligations bequeathed to the American people largely by Republican administrations. The Tea Party, aka The Dead Beat Patriot Gang; the FBI should have a poster.

The following chart shows U.S. administrations, the debt each incurred, and the current debt holders for our $14.3 trillion debt. The administration of George W. Bush accounts for almost half. Repeat that until you have sufficiently guarded yourself against Republican rhetoric in 2012. Democrats Clinton and Obama have contributed $3.8 trillion, and besides the $1 trillion on the books prior to Reagan, Republican administrations have contributed the rest … that’s  $9.5 trillion. Democrats: $3.8 trillion (26%); Republicans: $9.5 trillion (66%). Tell me again which party is more responsible fiscally?

Graph courtesy of New York Times

Social Security, holding $2.7 trillion of the debt is one of the programs Republicans now want to cut because of it’s burden on the government. Seems to me, Social Security has been the one burdened, about $2.7 trillion worth of burdened as a matter of fact. What was once called a loan is now called a burden. Very Frank Luntzian. “We was robbed” folks.

If votes on the debt ceiling increase are any indicator, the stronghold of the Tea Party is the South, see: The Tea Party, the debt ceiling, and white Southern extremism at Salon. The post includes an excellent history of how the South “acts up” to get its way. Having grown up in Virginia during George Wallace’s hey day, I can tell you it’s a Family Tradition. Again, really?

Citizen Murdoch Drones From Above

Photo illustration of type of drone deployed by FOX, logo added by ericlewi0 at Daily Kos

As Murdoch-owned FOX is the mouth organ for the GOP and it’s idiot child TEA, I think it’s time to check back in on the goings on at Rupert’s empire. Forbes has an interesting article about FOX News’ use of a drone: FAA Looks Into News Corp’s Daily Drone, Raising Questions About Who Gets To Fly Drones in The U.S. that is worth your time to read and ponder.  As Murdoch comes under increasing scrutiny in the U.K. and U.S. for widening hacking allegations, he expands his media empire into the Middle East, see: Rupert Murdoch flags Abu Dhabi as key location in expansion at The National (The National is wholly owned by the government of Abu Dhabi, see: Abu Dhabi Media).

Other Bits of Skylabnet

Portion of Skylab that rained down in the Australian desert

Another controversial American relocated to Abu Dhabi last year: Erik Prince. See Blackwater Founder Moves to Abu Dhabi, Records Say at The New York Times. Wonder what he’s been up to lately? Private security firms and the Middle East are also a topic at The National, see: Disposable army: private security in Iraq. While I’m on the topic of Iraq, this article in Foreign Policy by Stephen M. Walt: When did the American empire start to decline? is very informative with some interesting discussion in the comments as well. American foreign policy … what a cluster.

Want more? Here’s news about Afghanistan: Fomer PM Taliban Okays Peace Talks If US Sets Pullout Date. Read it and weep. And finally, over in Britain at least, the government-appointed inquiry into the Iraq War results in: The damning of Tony Blair: Former PM to be held to account on Iraq in Chilcot report on war at MailOnline. Poor Mr. Blair; BP seems to be making out like a bandit. Though our own Mr. Rumsfeld got some not so very good news, see: Judge: American Can Sue Rumsfield Over Torture at AntiWar.com.

Atlas and the Albatross
A citizen in Murfreesboro sees connections between America’s Tea Party and Norwegian Right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik in Letter: Norway terrorist’s rhetoric similar to that of tea party at dnj.com. Norway terrorist & Europe growing right wing hate at Nigeria’s Vanguard looks at trends in Europe. See also: Justin Raimondo’s Anders Behring Breivik, Mystery Man at AntiWar.com and former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray’s follow up with Who Funded Brevik? Pam Geller (sorry, I don’t link to some people, I just don’t) is out with a fundraising appeal claiming she has been unjustly accused of having ties to the terrorist actions, see: Pam Geller And Robert Spencer Using Links To Norway Terrorist For Fundraising Campaign at ThinkProgress. While you’re over there, might as well take a look at what candidate for president Michele Bachmann (and her husband)’s advisor Frank Gaffney has to say: Gaffney Wonders If Norwegian Terrorist’s Manifesto Was A ‘False Flag Operation’ Intended To ‘Suppress Criticism’ Of Sharia. I guess he’s thinking something like the Bush military records investigation that got Dan Rather booted from CBS. Rather’s lawsuit against CBS eventually failed in the Court of Appeals.

That’s probably enough.

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