All the Democracy Money Can Buy

Poop Scoop

Looks like Republicans have found a new revenue stream for themselves: charging citizens to attend Townhall Meetings. Get the poop scoop here: Talk to Paul Ryan? It’ll cost you at Politico.

It is not just Rep. Ryan who thinks citizens should be charged for access to their “representatives.” Rep. Ben Quayle (R-Ariz.) and Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-Minn.) are in the “pay to say” racket as well. Is there nothing these guys don’t want to charge you for? … besides a functioning government that is.

The Tea Partier’s second American Revolution sure has strayed from the FREEdom path. Instead of “No taxation without representation,” I guess their battlecry is “No representation without a cover charge.” I doubt there is a “ladies night,” unless maybe the incentive is a free (compulsory) uterine sonogram.

I think we’ve lost something over the centuries.



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2 Responses to All the Democracy Money Can Buy

  1. Minnesota says:

    FYI : The fee for Cravaack’s meeting was to cover the lunch … and was requested by the sponsoring group … National Federation of Independent Businesses. This practice has been done before. In essence, this was a member’s meeting … much like a local Rotary.

    What is more interesting is that after the meeting, Cravaack was greeted by protesters who were claiming about his failure to hold a public town hall event in the largest city in his district. (BTW Cravaack resides in outer edge of the Twin Cities area but the district covers most of the northern portion of Minnesota). Cravaack yelled at the crowd that he would hold a town hall meeting the next day.
    So, the NFIB event was advertised for over a month, but the town hall meeting had roughly a day’s notice. It was held in a restaurant such that seating was limited to 200 people and $2 was charged for parking.

    • Thanks for additional information. Sorry for taking so long to respond. Earthquake took out my router just before the hurricane hit, and with replacing and troubleshooting and replacing the replacement I’ve been off the net for a bit. Cable was out due to hurricane as well.

      Just curious, dId you attend the luncheon sponsored by NFIB or is information about protestors word of mouth? Would appreciate any links you could provide. Am always happy to post additional information or make corrections if needed. Thanks for popping in.

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