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Close to The Edge for Parsley

My parsley-eating friends, Papilio polyxenes or Black Swallowtail caterpillars, have come for another visit. This one shows off its acrobatic skills, dangling at the end of a stem of parsley in order to munch every last leaf. Papilio polyxenes caterpillars … Continue reading

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Kudos to Kathleen Sebelius

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has issued its guideline to health insurance companies on a variety of services for women, including contraceptives. Read HHS Issues Rule on Coverage of Contraception and Other Women’s Health Services by Liz … Continue reading

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Midge® McCarthy’s Minders Roust Reporter

The news that Michele Bachmann’s husband serves as her stylist combined with her penchant for McCarthy-like rhetoric inspired my nickname Midge® McCarthy for the Minnesota Representative. I think Midge® suits Mrs. Bachmann. Just as Barbie® suits her buddy. Now it seems … Continue reading

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Even More Smartarse Comments About Politics and Politicians, But of Course!

Question: What does the news that Michele Bachmann is “a heavy user” of medications to manage the migranes she suffers have in common with Grey Poupon Mustard? Answer: The response “But of course!” I’m not the only one cracking wise. … Continue reading

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Share and Share Alike — An Occasional Refuge When the Muse is Fickled, Part 1

Not feeling the muse at the moment, but have a couple of recommends today: Good post up at Crooks and Liars by Mike Lux called Notions of Fairness, debunking the “I’m rich because I’m brilliant and work harder than others” … Continue reading

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