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A Poor, Sad Excuse for a Smartarse Comment

I woke up this morning. Looks like Harold Camping was wrong again. Shortlink: Advertisements

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Ghosts, Ghouls and the GOP

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so when I found these political cartoons featured by Mario Piperni, I couldn’t resist posting them here at noodleepoodlee. If you haven’t checked out Piperni’s blog, you should. Shortlink:

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The Favorite, Crazy Uncle

After reviewing the analysis of last night’s Republican debate, I’ve got to give Ron Paul points for challenging the GOP’s TORTURED HISTORY of hostage negotiations. Especially since he had to tarnish Ronald Reagan’s reputation to do so. Paul reminds me … Continue reading

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The Autumn of Our Discontent?

I wrote and posted Don’t Piss on My Head and Tell Me that It’s Raining – An Anti-Ode to Trickle Down Economics in May, but I’m reposting it in solidarity with the folks waking up to Occupy America. Here are … Continue reading

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Massively Mutated Mushroom

I took another mushroom picture to the Photoshop: I don’t know how long this mushroom mania is going to continue. My posts are usually about political and social issues, so maybe it’s the metaphor of the mushroom that underlies all … Continue reading

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Fires and Quakes and Floods … Oh My!

The Dismal Swamp grows ever more dismal by the day as the fire that has been burned since August 4 continues despite the 10+ inches of rain from Hurricane Irene. Between the start of the swamp fire and the hurricane, … Continue reading

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Onward Christian Soldiers – Dominionists Revealed as Wolves in Lamb (of God’s) Clothing

Three years after a loosely aligned pack of “Christian” nationalists pitbullied their covergirl into second place at the Blueblood Kennel Club’s 2008 Dog and Phony Show, the craven canine cultivars in our press pack are finally starting to perk up … Continue reading

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