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Waking Up Twice Around 3:00 in the Morning with the Television On … or My Christmas Carol in August

For the past two nights I’ve awakened around 3:00 AM to find the television left on but two vastly different programs about religion and wealth streaming into my room. For Friday night’s (tele)vision, I was off to Great Britain. Although … Continue reading

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Rick Perry’s Porn Investment Limited in Time and Return

Looks like Rick Perry’s porn investment probably won’t require, nor supply, the level of dramatics that I predicted as Think Progress’ 16 Days for $1,000 Bucks: Rick Perry’s Dabble in the Porn Industry explains:  In 1995 — then serving as … Continue reading

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The Ballad of the Great Yukon Puke On

Special Correspondent’s Report Hobo Joe Goes Rogue: Off the Bus, On the Wagon and Hitting the Highway June 11, 2011, Land of Nood Hospital Call me Hobo Joe. Yeah, I know… another Joe; it’s one of the few names Mrs. … Continue reading

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Share and Share Alike — An Occasional Refuge When the Muse is Fickled, Part 2

I was thinking that I’d write something on the Rapture Rupture scheduled for tomorrow at 6:00 PM, but I’m just not feeling the snark today and Jim Wright over at Stonekettle Station has a very funny post: Ten Reasons Why … Continue reading

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