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Rick Perry’s Porn Investment Limited in Time and Return

Looks like Rick Perry’s porn investment probably won’t require, nor supply, the level of dramatics that I predicted as Think Progress’ 16 Days for $1,000 Bucks: Rick Perry’s Dabble in the Porn Industry explains:  In 1995 — then serving as … Continue reading

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This Guy Explains Republican Political Strategy Perfectly

If you want to understand Republican political strategy read this post: Republican Strategy: Spend Like A Drunken Sailor …. at Will Blog for Food. What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor? (where I nabbed the drunken sailor photo, thanks) … Continue reading

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Some More Smartarse Comments About Several Politicians

Newt’s recent press release may indicate that he’s more interested in becoming Poet Laureate than President. Although it doesn’t attain the heights of grandiosity of Gingrich’s “tome” or John Lithgow’s performance of the “epic” essay on The Colbert Report (May … Continue reading

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Onward Christian Soldiers – The Dominionists’ Crusade

Virginia Representative to the U.S. Congress Randy Forbes, a tireless foot soldier in the Religious Right’s battle to turn our nation into a theocracy, introduced into the House of Representatives on May 5, 2011 (for the third time in his … Continue reading

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Donald the Trump-ette — A Neo-Nursery Rhyme

Neo-Nursery Rhymes are Reserved for Those Occasions When the Nation’s Political Discourse Cries Out for an Appropriate-Level Response. Warning: Contains Adult Language Donald the Trump-ette Sarah his Strumpet Hoping our fabric will fray If our press were just brighter Not … Continue reading

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If the Eyes are the Window to the Soul…

… then what, pray tell, are we to make of this Rogues’ Gallery of the cockeyed, lazy-eyed and crazy-eyed? I know, I know, I’m breaking the Thumper rule:  “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” But … Continue reading

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Marrow-Sucking Weasels

Driving about on errands last evening, the phrase “marrow-sucking weasels” came to mind as I pondered: The utter nihilism of a political movement that claims to eschew elitism while seeking to concentrate wealth and power with: a cadre of Randian … Continue reading

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