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Some More Smartarse Comments About Several Politicians

Newt’s recent press release may indicate that he’s more interested in becoming Poet Laureate than President. Although it doesn’t attain the heights of grandiosity of Gingrich’s “tome” or John Lithgow’s performance of the “epic” essay on The Colbert Report (May … Continue reading

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Share and Share Alike — An Occasional Refuge When the Muse is Fickled, Part 2

I was thinking that I’d write something on the Rapture Rupture scheduled for tomorrow at 6:00 PM, but I’m just not feeling the snark today and Jim Wright over at Stonekettle Station has a very funny post: Ten Reasons Why … Continue reading

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Of Socrates and Sarahcuda

“Should Sarah Run?” asks a polling ad prevalent on political websites. I assume the folks at mean “Should Sarah Palin Run for President of the United States?,” but that’s not what the ad says. So rather than make … Continue reading

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Join Russ Feingold in Fight Against Government Corruption

I received the following letter from Russ Feingold at Progressives United and wanted to share it with readers. Please consider making a contribution to his organization if you can afford. I’ve made my small gift; I hope you’ll join me. … Continue reading

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The Venus of the Strawberry Patch

I plucked this odd little strawberry in my friend’s berry patch on Sunday. The fruity Venus of Willendorf meets Winged Victory meets Madonna in her bullet bra amused me so much that I brought her home and gave her a … Continue reading

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Bear Necessities

Fans of The Colbert Report know that Stephen often marshals the troops to help spread his name throughout the universe and onto such things as bridges, spiders and the International Space Station. Defenders of Wildlife has turned the tables on … Continue reading

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Conjuring up the 2012 GOP Field and Platform…

…with a little help from the Bard of Avon. Jet Engine Roars. Enter three Lobbyists representing Second Amendment Shouters, Consolidated Corporate Corp. and God, Inc. They join hands under the dome of the White House Rotunda. First Lobbyist:         Thrice unbalanced … Continue reading

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